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One of the most important aspects of home ownership is maintenance. When you purchase or build a home, you want assurance that it will protect your family for decades and look beautiful while doing so. And since your roof is the key to protecting your family from the elements, having a superior quality roof is of utmost importance. This means that a roof must be properly installed and periodically inspected for signs of damage. Even seemingly minor damage can lead to major problems if not dealt with immediately, requiring extensive repairs or even a complete roof replacement.


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Whether you need repairs or a new roof installation, contact the West Linn roofing experts at Clear Vision Construction, LLC. Our GAF-certified roofing contractors can help you determine the best options for your roofing needs and ensure that your roof continues to provide optimum protection for you and your family.

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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof

If your roof is less than 20 years old and has minor damage, you can usually repair the damaged areas without needing to replace the entire roof structure. Annual estimates are recommended to ensure that your roof is in peak condition. You also want to inspect your roof after a severe weather event or if heavy debris (such as a tree limb) falls on it to identify and repair any damage before it can spread and become a significant (and expensive) problem.

Roofs that are older than 20 years, or have several worn or damaged areas, usually need to be completely replaced. Most asphalt roofs last up to 30 years, but improper installations or untreated damage can significantly shorten your roof’s lifespan. Signs of widespread damage include large patches of moss, mold, or mildew, dark areas on the roof or ceiling, leaks, and damaged or warped shingles in multiple areas. When you see these signs, it is imperative to get an expert West Linn roofing contractor on the job immediately.

Selecting Material for Your New Roof

If you are building a new home or need to replace the roof on your existing home, your roofing options can seem overwhelming, and selecting the best roofing material may feel like a daunting task. Concrete, wood shake, clay, and slate options are becoming more popular but are expensive and not suited for every home. Wood shake is popular in the region because it fits in well with the Pacific Northwest’s rugged beauty. However, wood shake is highly susceptible to moisture and fire, both of which are major concerns in the area, and therefore must be treated every few years with flame retardants and moisture barriers, making the maintenance of such roofs rather expensive.

Tiles made of concrete, clay, or slate are long-lasting and fire-resistant but are extremely heavy. If your home was not originally built with a slate or concrete roof, then you may need to add additional supports to your roofing system, exponentially increasing your installation costs. They are also subject to cracking if a heavy object falls on the roof, and it may be difficult to match a replacement tile to the existing tiles.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are inexpensive, lightweight, and fire- and water-resistant. They can be designed to mimic the appearance of more expensive materials and come in a variety of colors, allowing you to tailor your roof’s appearance to your personal aesthetic. If individual shingles are damaged, they can usually be matched to the remaining shingles and replaced individually, making repairs and maintenance more cost-effective. This is why asphalt remains the most popular roofing material in the United States and why our West Linn roofing experts specialize in asphalt roofing services.

Why Use GAF Roofing Shingles?

Our roofing contractors in West Linn use GAF roofing shingles because they consistently score among the most popular shingle brands in North America. GAF shingles are known for their beauty, durability, versatility, and affordability. In fact, GAF’s Timberline Architectural Roofing Shingles with Advanced Protection Technology are the #1 best-selling shingles in the country. Another popular option is GAF’s Designer Lifetime Shingles, which mimic the look of slate or wood without the premium cost. Both Timberline and Designer lines of shingles have a Class A Fire rating, can withstand winds of up to 130 mph, and are designed to resist algae buildup and staining. If you want the best protection for your home, GAF shingles are the best choice.

We are Ready to Help With All Your Roofing Needs

Whether you need a roofing repair or a replacement, our roofing contractors in West Linn can show you what repairs are needed for your roof and will work to ensure that replacement shingles match the existing shingles on your roof. Our roofing professionals are in-house, not subcontractors, and are GAF-certified, which means that your roofing contractor has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism, outstanding service, and ethical business practices. GAF-certified roofing professionals must also undergo continuous training to keep up with the latest advances in roofing technology. So when you use CVC roofing services, you know you are getting highly skilled roofers using high-quality materials.
Our team at Clear Vision Construction, LLC is ready to help you with your roofing solutions. Our roofing professionals will provide a free estimate for your roofing project and work to make sure you get the roof of your dreams. Contact our office today to discuss your options.


Joe C.
Wilsonville, OR

Right from the start they listened and provide what I requested. Every company I requested a quote from tried the HARD CLOSE. Clear Vision simply took measurements and gave me the quote. Their quote was not the lowest, but the value for the money was awesome. The project was completed quickly and professionally. I am completely amazed at the service provided by Clear Vision.

Ellilea Crumal
Google Reviewer

Bottom line: would I hire them again? Absolutely! The person that gave us the estimate responded to any questions that I had very quickly. When the supplies were delivered by the supplier, that area of the roof started to leak again and Clear Vision had two guys at my house on a Sunday in about an hour! The price was good, the people were great, the job was done quickly and done well!

Evan Youman
Google Reviewer

Clear Vision did a great job on my roof. They were attentive and responsive to all inquiries. My initial contact arrived, for the free estimate on time, explained the process and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The job was done cleanly and professionally. I have recommended this company to people I know personally.

John and Lisa Jester
Google Reviewer

Excellent service from start to finish. Lee, Eric and the staff we worked with were totally on their game. Eric was great to work with on the job and gave a through break down of what we needed. We will recommend Clear Vision to family and friends and they will be the first on the list to call in the future if needs arise.

Kathleen A.

The bid was fair and the assessment process won my confidence. I felt that if they discovered needed fixes once the roof was off they would be honest about what needed to be done and be able to get it done properly. They work with top of the line products. The service was great and communication excellent. Thanks Clear Vision!

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