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Affordable Re-Roofing Services in The Beaverton and Portland/Vancouver Area

You may be surprised to find out those re-roofing services in Beaverton, OR, performed by a local general contractor actually cost less money per square foot than a roof repair. That means while it might be tempting to just patch up one problematic area of your roof after another, in the end, removal of old, damaged materials and a replacement with a completely new roof is more cost effective and practical.

Clear Vision Construction is an exterior construction company that is ready to help you figure out the best course of action when it comes to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your roof. It begins with a roof assessment and then, if a residential re-roof is recommended, we can begin the tear-off process. We consistently deliver the quality re-roofing services that our clients need to enjoy peace of mind.

Another surprising fact that most homeowners may not know about is that many home insurance policies only insure a roof until it is five years old. That means when you are getting roof repairs performed instead of re-roofs, there is a mix of old and new materials. This can cause an issue later on if there is insurable damage.

With our re-roofing services, you are able to enjoy a new, solid roof that is all the same age. This helps you reduce the cost of your insurance while also providing you with lifetime labor and material warranties from our company. Talk to your insurance carrier about a better policy with the help of our re-roofing services.

Affordable, Best Quality Re-Roofing

The team at our exterior construction company doesn’t just want to get the job done; our policy has always been to go well above and beyond the minimum requirements for all of our roofing services. This enables us to guarantee our roofs because we use the very best in roofing materials and always go the extra mile in each detail of the installation.

No matter what type of roofing system you have, we can handle it for you. Multi-layer roofs are no problem for our contractors. Some of the benefits of a residential re-roof include:

  • Improve Your Insulation
  • Save on Insurance
  • Lifetime Warranties
  • Transferable Warranty
  • Increase the Look & Value of Your Property
  • Roofing Materials Are All the Same Age
  • Peace of Mind in Knowing Your Home Is Protected
  • Leak Prevention
  • Newer, Improved Roof Technology
  • Remove Damaged Roofing That May Have Gone Undetected

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Contact us to find out if re-roofing is the right option for you. We make it easier for clients located throughout the Beaverton and Portland/Vancouver area to find peace of mind about their home improvements.