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As the seasons change, it is important to perform roof maintenance to ensure optimum protection from the elements. Your roof should be inspected a minimum of once a year. and after every extreme weather event. Additionally, you should always keep an eye open for any leaks throughout the year. Residential roofing services are available to help remedy any issues you have with your home. Working with a professional Portland roofing company can be useful as roofing companies provide valuable information on maintaining your roof and advise you on what roof repairs are necessary. If you need a full roof replacement, they can guide you on what styles and roof materials are available. Work with a family-owned roofing company with plenty of experience on the best roofing materials for the Portland metro area. For quality work, call Clear Vision Construction LLC for a fair price and an excellent job.

What Are Signs That Your Roof Is Deteriorating?

When roofs shart showing signs of wear and tear, it is time for a complete roof replacement. Roofs, on average, only have a lifespan of 30 years, although some materials, such as ceramic tile or stone materials, can last much longer. Portland roofers can inform you on whether you need a new roof installation depending upon the age of your roof and the quality of the roofing material. Your Portland roofing contractor can perform a roof inspection and let you know what repairs are necessary. Here are some of the significant signs that show that you need a new roof installation:


Missing Granules

Granule loss can happen across the entire roofing material when residential roofing gets too old. This is when the bond between the granules and the asphalt on roof shingles dissolved, resulting in loose granules falling away. Water can cause the granules to runoff and cause gutters to get clogged up with granule debris. You may also notice granules on your grass, pavement, deck, and front porch. Once a roof begins to lose its granules, the entire roof has to be replaced because the roof is no longer sealed against external weather. Missing granules happen because of normal weathering and is inevitable as a roof ages. 


Curled Shingles

While one or two curled shingles aren’t a big deal when most of your shingles are curled, this means that you are due for a roof replacement. Shingles can curl inward, outward, and even shrink. Extremely hot and cold weather can cause shingles to get distorted because they expand and contract due to the temperature change. Curled shingles can make a roof become cracked, allowing leaks in between the shingle and causing moisture to seep into the ceiling and walls. 

Dark Streaks

Dark streaks are a sign that major water leakage is happening due to roof system damage. Portland roofing companies can identify when roofing needs to be re-installed because of water damage by identifying whether the dark streaks are caused by a leaky roof. These streaks can appear on ceilings, walls, and shingles. However, when dark streaks appear on shingles, it is for another reason. Dark streaks that show up on shingles mean that an algae known as gloeocapsa magma is growing on your roof. This happens because airborne spores have landed on your roof and began to grow as they feed on solely sunlight and rain. Dark streaks due to algae might require a roof replacement only if the algae managed to get so far between the shingles that they can’t be easily removed. 

Visible Moss On Shingles

Some moss may appear as small spots on a roof but can turn into a major problem when it begins to grow uncontrollably. A small layer isn’t bad, but large clumps of moss can cause damage to your roof. It can get beneath shingles and force them to separate from the roof’s foundation, creating cracks and leaks in its structural integrity. Large clumps of moss can deteriorate the shingles, preventing them from blocking rain and cold drafts. 

Sagging Ceiling

When a ceiling begins to sag, this means that your roof is in trouble and needs to be replaced. The damage is often due to leakage, which has weakened the roofing system. When water damage is very severe, it can cause the roof to sag because of the built-up moisture weighing down the roofing materials. The water eventually seeps into the walls and ceiling, causing drywall, wood, and other materials to soften up and become misshapen over time. 

Water Leaks

Roof leaks can happen slowly over or occur in one big blast after a heavy rainstorm. Putting a bucket under a roof leak won’t save you because once there is water damage, a number of other issues will also come down the line. Leakage means that the roof has cracks, resulting in poor insulation of the entire home. Your energy bills will be higher because the roof is leaking cold or hot air outside. Additionally, a leaky roof will result in trapped moisture causing additional damage to the interior of your home. Mold can begin to grow in your home’s walls, ceilings, and vents because of the moisture build-up. It is highly recommended that you take care of a leaky roof before the mold has a negative impact on your health. 

Wind or Hail Damage

After inspecting your roof, a residential roofing contractor can inform you on whether you have severe wind or hail damage. Hail damage often shows up on shingles as random cracks and holes. The hail often leaves behind black marks and causes the loss of granules. Wind damage typically causes shingles to be cracked or ripped off. When wind damage is severe, you may notice entire areas of the roof being stripped of shingles. Sometimes wind can make trees or branches fall, knocking shingles off the roof. The anchorage of the roof can also be torn off the roof, collapsing frames and shattering other materials. 

Damaged Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are prone to leakage because of the sheet metal flashing. Your roofing company can inspect your chimney and provide a new chimney flashing if it is rusted, falling apart, or missing. This may not require an entire roof installation, and instead, the roofing contractor may just reseal the chimney flash.

Light Shining Through Roof

If you can see light shining through the cracks in your roof, you may need a new roof. Total roof replacements can help update the look of your home and improve the insulation. When your roof has massive gaps, holes, and broken-down areas, this can allow light to shine in. You will need roof work immediately to prevent additional damage from happening because rain, pests, and other unanticipated problems can come next. 

Over 20 Years Old

Even though your roof should last for 30 years or so, roofs often get worn down sooner because of extreme weather and natural disasters. Additionally, you may benefit from a new roof because of updated and more modern roofing materials that can vastly improve savings on your energy bill. Portland roofing contractors can inform you of newer and more enhanced roofing materials. 

Wildlife Damage

You may be sharing your home space with several critters because of damage to your roof. When wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, possums, and other animals create holes in your roof, this ruins the roof’s integrity and can cause additional damage and leaks. Animals can chew on the shingles, siding, and lining of your roof and wreak havoc inside. This can also signify an old roof, as older and worn-out roofs are easier to gnaw through. A roofing company can install a stronger roof that isn’t worn out or deteriorating. 

Rotting Shingles

Rotting roof shingles need more than just roof repairs but will require an entire replacement. Roof shingles that become brittle and cracked across the roof’s entire surface are a sign that you need new roofing materials. This is often due to normal wear and tear due to weather and fluctuation in temperature. The worn-out shingles shouldn’t only be replaced for aesthetic reasons, but also because the cracks in the shingles allow moisture, water, wind, and cold drafts to slip into the house. 

What Should I Expect During a Roofing Estimate?

Roofing contractors will help you decide if you need a roof repair or replacement by inspecting the structural integrity of your roof and determining the price for it. They will check for common construction defects and review whether your roof needs to be replaced entirely. Roofing contractors understand what is needed for clients in the greater Portland metro area with experience in performing roof repairs that reflect the common weather patterns. They can then determine an appropriate price that is reasonable and fair. Here are some of the things that a Portland area locally owned company may look for: 

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Your roofing contractor can check if your home has poor insulation by looking for specific signs. They may identify frozen pipes exposed to icy weather due to cracks in your roof. Contractors may also notice cold spots in different areas of your home. If you have high energy bills, this may also signify that you have poor insulation.

A roof replacement can be used to update the insulation you have to help cut the cost of energy bills. You can choose from mineral wool, spray foam, structural insulated panels, glass rock, loose-fill, and blanket insulation. Because all of these forms of insulations are drastically different roofing projects, you can consult with Portland roofing contractors to decide which material is best for you. Each one has its unique benefits that help trap hot or cold air, protect the environment, and reduce the cost of running your heater or air conditioning. 


Ice buildup on your roof can make your attic overly warm because the snow builds up and traps heat inside due to poor ventilation. The heat inside can melt the snow and cause it to refreeze in your gutters, creating ice dams. Over time, this can create additional damage to roof shingles. If you don’t notice this happening during gutter cleaning, your contractor might see these symptoms of poor ventilation. Build up of mold and mildew is another sign of poor ventilation and can show up as allergies and respiratory problems over time. The roofer might notice spots of mold and mildew growth on your walls and ceilings.

When your contractor performs a roofing job, they can also help update your ventilation by installing intake vents and exhaust vents. This can help improve the speed of air circulation. Ventilation can also be used to help cool air fall and warm air rise faster, improving the air quality and making it easier to maintain the temperature inside your home. Intake vents can be added to your roof in an inconspicuous way, where they can be placed under eaves and on the lower edges of your roof. Skylights can also be used to improve the ventilation of your home. 

Leaks and Flashing

When the flashing isn’t properly secured, melting snow and rainwater can leak inside your attic and home. The flashing has to be updated if it is no longer in good condition. This doesn’t only apply to chimneys, and your contractor will also check the perimeter of the roof, ventilation fans, where the roof intersects in certain sections, skylights, and pipes for breaches in the flashing. When these areas are broken down, snow and rain can seep in and cause water damage. 

Your contractor may apply different types of flashing based on what works best for your roof. They may use base, continuous, saddle, counter, step, valley, skylight, drip, vent pipe, and kick-out flashing. You can consult with a Portland roofing company to determine what would work best for your region. 

Shingle Condition

Roof shingles can deteriorate and fall apart, where your contractor may notice rust, stains, and cracks in your shingles. When there are missing or curling shingles, it may be time to rehaul your roofing system and dry rot repair. When the shingles are damaged and falling apart, the roof is no longer shielded from the environment, and the base foundation is damaged. Moisture and cold drafts can get into the roof without protecting the shingles. 

You can revamp your roof with an entirely new look, such as metal roofing and other shingle materials. The most common type of shingles in Portland is asphalt; however, there are many other materials you can choose from. There are ceramic, treated wood, slate, and more tile roof styles that are available. You can speak to a contractor to determine which type of tile matches your roofing needs.

We Recommend Roofing Contractors For Chimney Upkeep

If necessary, we can help you find contractors that can repoint your chimney so that it lasts for a longer time. Chimneys also need to be inspected, along with their accompanying vents, to ensure that they aren’t causing a problem for your roof’s insulation. 


The roofing construction company may also check for mold to ensure there isn’t a sneaky leak happening that no one has noticed. Mold often appears as discoloration on the walls and ceilings of your home, but it also might be hidden inside your walls and vents without becoming visible. Contractors may check for moisture and excess humidity, which are other indicators that mold might be growing in your home. 

What Are Some Other Services That You Provide?

Your roofing project may need more than just roof maintenance, and you might need additional accessories to help protect the integrity of your roof. Here are some additional items that may be included in your roof repair. 


Your roofing services can also include adding a new siding to your home. Siding can not only add protection to the exterior of your house but also improve its curb appeal. A new roof can match the siding and improve your home with a more modern look. The newer sidings available on the market also have newer features, such as additional insulation that can help cut your energy bill. 


Gutters and roofs go hand-in-hand because gutters are designed to direct rain run-off away from the roof. This protects the roof by preventing water from pooling upon its surface and causing moisture to be trapped between the roof’s shingles. This also preserves the home’s siding and helps reduce the occurrence of mold. 


You can also re-insulate your home using more advanced materials when you get a new roof. Insulation can be installed in your walls or added as an additional layer to the inside of your home to help make your home more comfortable and affordable. 


Your roof can be built to incorporate skylights to create natural lighting inside your home. This can make the space inside your home appear large and brighten up dark rooms. Skylights are also great for air ventilation and temperature control. This is because they can allow hot air to escape. The glass used in skylights can be laminated so that they trap heat. 

What Else Should I Know About Starting A Roofing Project?

When you get a roof repair, you should make sure you work with certified roofing contractors in Portland that can provide quality work. Clear Vision Construction LLC is a family-owned company that can deliver complete satisfaction and makes sure that your home is protected for the years to come. You can feel secure when working with an experienced roofing company who will do a great job and provide professional results. With a company that is licensed, bonded, and has a track record of success, you can rely on quality roofing services with experts who can inspect your home and tell you what type of roof repairs you need. They can also guide you on what roofing materials you should use for the specific type of design you are looking for. Our consultants will provide helpful input on how to enhance the beauty of your home. To get started, contact Clear Vision Construction LLC to get a free estimate.

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