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Roofs are an important part of a housing structure for practical reasons and also for the overall purchase value and curb appeal. Installing a new roof can provide an 85% return on investment if you decide to resell your home. Additionally, depending on the type of roofing materials you have, the roof can help save money because of its ability to insulate the home against the cold and heat during seasonal changes. If you are considering what to do for your next roofing project, it is important to learn more about roofing systems and what might be required. If you have an old roof, you can work with a reliable residential roofing company in the Portland metro area. Clear Visions Construction LLC will provide a high-quality roof estimate and delivers top-notch services to our residential clients. For a free estimate, call us today

When Would I Need To Replace My Existing Roof?

Roof Installation Whether you have an old or new roof, it may show signs of decay for a variety of reasons. You can seek the advice of a knowledgeable roofing contractor to provide an estimate and let you know what type of roof maintenance you need. Here are some key signs that you may need a new roof installation: 

Curled Shingles

When you see that your shingles curl at their edges, this means that you may need roofing work. Shingles can curl up or down and are commonly caused by changes in the weather. The shingles shrink and expand throughout the seasons, and over years of wear and tear, begin to take a curved shape. When the shingles start to deform, you will need a roof replacement because the curled corners allow water, humidity, and other elements to seep beneath the shingles. Shingles need to be flat to create a tight seal that repels anything from slipping through the roofing materials. 

Cracked Shingles

If you notice that a lot of the shingles on your roof are cracked, then you need more than just roof repairs. Too many cracked shingles can cause poor energy efficiency in your home, leaking warm or cold air across the internal and external environments. Cracked shingles can also allow water to seep inside the roofing material. They are often caused by falling debris, such as heavy tree branches, and normal deterioration over time. 

Balding Shingles

When the roof shingles begin to lose too many granules, this results in bald spots that leave the shingles exposed to bad weather. Missing granules start to fall off rotting shingles and pile up on the ground, the gutters, and on porches. Seeing granules on the ground is a bad sign that your roofing needs an update. 

Dark Streaks

When you see discoloration and dark streaks, this is a sign that your roof is infested with blue-green algae called gloeocapsa magma algae. The dark black blotches often look like dirt and take about two to three months to develop after airborne spores carried by the wind or animals land on the roof. The algae eat up the outer shield of the roof that protects the outer surface from UV rays that can damage the roofing materials. The algae also make the roof appear unattractive, reducing its value.

Mossy Roof

Roofs that get infested with moss can rot once the moss starts to grow in between the shingles and infiltrate the roof’s internal structure. Moss easily absorbs moisture, making it very spongelike. This weakens the integrity of your roof because moss is usually always wet, causing moisture to get into the roofing system. Green roofs covered in moss are a sign that the entire roof needs to be replaced. 

Staining On Rafters And Attic

Stains that start to appear in the attic and on rafters are a sign that the roof is leaking in multiple areas. Water stains typically look like discolored blotches and happen when wood rafters get saturated with water. Sometimes this can be a moisture problem caused by poor ventilation, which results in trapped moist air condensing onto the wooden or plywood rafters and roof sheathing. However, if it is a leak, then you may need a new roof installation. You can work with Portland roofers to figure out what kind of roof work you require. 

Expired Roof Warranty

When the roof warranty has expired, it is often a sign that you should update your roof if the warranty is 10 to 25 years long. An expired roof can result in you losing thousands of dollars due to poor insulation, even if you don’t see any visible damage. New roofing technology on the market can vastly improve the savings on your electric bill.

Natural Disaster or Heavy Storm

If you recently experienced a powerful storm, whether a hurricane, blizzard, or heavy downpour, you should get your home inspected for roof leaks and other damage. During storms, shingles can get pulled off, large branches can hit the roof, and wind can rip parts of the roofing infrastructure away. You should have a residential roofing company perform regular roof maintenance to make sure that stormy weather doesn’t destroy parts of your roof. In some cases, the damage can be so extensive that you may have to get a new roof. 

Leaks And Stains On Ceiling

Stains and signs of water damage can pop up in different areas of your home, causing interior deterioration to the ceilings and drywall. This can create a mold problem in residential properties when it is not addressed. Water damage can also cause ceilings and walls to become warped because they become swollen with moisture over time. 

Sinking Roof

A sinking roof is a dire sign that your roofing needs to be replaced. Roofs can begin to deteriorate when their infrastructure begins to cave in. You will need to get a roofing job as soon as possible to reduce the risk of a roof collapse when it begins to sink. 

Light Can Be Seen Through Cracks

You will need more than just roof repair if you can see light through cracks in the ceiling from the inside of your home. This shows that your home has been breached due to roof damage and is no longer fully level or sealed against external weather. You can check by going to your attic space and looking at the roof cavity on a bright and sunny day. 

Is It Too Soon To Get A Roof Replacement?

If your roof is newer and you’re not sure if you need a roof installation after external damage, then you should seek the help of a Portland roofing company. Sometimes, a newer roof may require a roof replacement because of a natural disaster. However, if your roof is older, a roof replacement entirely depends on the type of roof that you have. For example, asphalt roofs typically only last around 15 to 30 years. A hard slate roof can last between 75 to 200 years and a soft slate 50 to 125 years. Metal roofs are somewhere in between and have a longevity of 40 to 70 years. Portland roofing contractors can discuss your roof’s options and inform you if a roof replacement or repair is necessary. 

What Kind Of Roofs Are Available On The Market Today?

Photo of houses There are many different styles of residential roofing available in different colors and textures, but asphalt roofs are the most popular. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in the Portland area because they are easy to install and very affordable. There are three main categories of these, which are dimensional, strip, and luxury shingles. 

What Are Some Great Roof Accessories?

There are many great roof accessories that complement residential roofing, amplifying the roof’s beauty and value. Residential roofs can also benefit from new technologies on the market. Here are a few accessories that can improve your roof’s capabilities. 

Skylight Installation

A skylight installation is a great way to make your internal space appear brighter and more spacious by letting in natural light. Skylights can uplift the mood of inhabitants and increase creativity. They are also known to help regulate the circadian rhythm, allowing for better sleep because your body gets exposed to natural sunlight. However, skylights can also have built-in blinds to darken the room. 

These glass windows can also be insulated with the same R-value as your walls, this way, you aren’t losing excess energy. Skylights can also be designed with smart sensors that measure humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels. These windows can help release hot air and humidity and can improve the air quality inside the building. You can incorporate solar panels into the skylight, helping to further save energy. 

Gutter Installation and Maintenance

Gutters and roofs go hand-in-hand and can be installed together. New gutters help improve the beauty and curb appeal of your home and can be customized to fit the overall look of the roof. Gutters are necessary because they help divert water away from the roof, preventing it from pooling on the surface of the roof and accelerating its deterioration. Pooled water causes mold and rot that can cause shingles to soften over time. There are many gutter styles to choose from, such as K-style, half-round, flat bottom, and more. You can ask a representative about gutter cleaning and the best style for a new roof. 

How Do I Make My Roof More Energy Efficient?

Portland roofing can be improved using energy-efficient methods that help you save on your energy bill. Here are a few approaches you can consider:

Update Ventilation

When you improve the ventilation of your roof, this can make it easier to improve the airflow. A roofing contractor can do this by installing roof vents and fans in strategic areas. Roof vents typically look like pipes or small tubes attached to the surface of the roof and send hot air outside. Fans help to provide passive ventilation when hot air rises. Some of the less noticeable vents include soffit and gable vents. Soffit vents are planks that connect to the underside of the roof hanging over the outside walls. These planks allow outside air to enter the attic from beneath the roof. Gable vents are placed near the ends of the roof and direct air out of the attic space. 

Choose Specific Colors

Your new roof can be a lighter color instead of a traditional dark color. Light-colored roofs have better insulation against hot weather and help repel the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. This helps keep your house cooler. For colder climates, you will want to choose dark shingles. Darker roofs help snow to melt faster and absorb more heat from the sun. Clear Vision Construction provides physical samples of the multiple shingle colors offered and can assist with determining the most efficient shingle color for your home.

Improve Insulation Under The Roof

Roofing solutions can also include improving the insulation. This can be done by adding a rigid board to the ceiling, air sealing the area, then covering it with drywall. Roofing material becomes more energy-efficient when insulation is added, making the inside of the home more comfortable. However, you should know that this can reduce ceiling space. 

How Do I Know That My Roofing Project Only Requires A Repair, Not A Replacement?

A professional roofing contractor can tell you whether you need a new roof or simply need a few repairs to maintain its integrity. Some of the following factors are signs that the only roofing services you will need are a repair: 

Small Leaks

If you only notice water damage in one corner or area of your home, then the roof may simply need to be repaired rather than replaced. An isolated area of leakage can be repaired if only a small region of shingles were damaged due to bad weather. This can especially be the case if your roof is only 4 to 5 years old. 

One Or Two Missing Shingles

 If you notice one or two missing shingles after a bad storm or strong gale, you probably just need them to be repatched. Sometimes a shingle can be ripped off because of heavy winds, but that doesn’t mean you need to install a new roof. 

Worn Flashings

The flashing around chimneys and vents sometimes gets worn down or cracks, allowing water and critters to get in between the cracks. If you notice that your flashing isn’t properly secured, you can have it replaced and updated. The flashing can be installed separately and doesn’t always require a replacement roof. You can even add metal flashing to reinforce these areas. 

More Information On What Portland Roofing Contractors Have To Offer

It is important to speak to roofing contractors to find out if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Roofing contractors in Portland understand the type of weather you typically experience on a yearly basis and can provide great input on what materials would work best throughout the seasons. For premier residential roofing services, you can speak to experienced residential roofing contractors in Portland who know what can work best for your home. Our locally owned roofing company will deliver great customer service and a can-do attitude to help provide the best solution for you. Call Clear Vision Construction LLC for a free estimate. 

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Right from the start they listened and provide what I requested. Every company I requested a quote from tried the HARD CLOSE. Clear Vision simply took measurements and gave me the quote. Their quote was not the lowest, but the value for the money was awesome. The project was completed quickly and professionally. I am completely amazed at the service provided by Clear Vision.

Ellilea Crumal
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Bottom line: would I hire them again? Absolutely! The person that gave us the estimate responded to any questions that I had very quickly. When the supplies were delivered by the supplier, that area of the roof started to leak again and Clear Vision had two guys at my house on a Sunday in about an hour! The price was good, the people were great, the job was done quickly and done well!

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Clear Vision did a great job on my roof. They were attentive and responsive to all inquiries. My initial contact arrived, for the free estimate on time, explained the process and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The job was done cleanly and professionally. I have recommended this company to people I know personally.

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Excellent service from start to finish. Lee, Eric and the staff we worked with were totally on their game. Eric was great to work with on the job and gave a through break down of what we needed. We will recommend Clear Vision to family and friends and they will be the first on the list to call in the future if needs arise.

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The bid was fair and the assessment process won my confidence. I felt that if they discovered needed fixes once the roof was off they would be honest about what needed to be done and be able to get it done properly. They work with top of the line products. The service was great and communication excellent. Thanks Clear Vision!