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If you need a roof installation, replacement, repair, or any aspect of residential roofing care in Wilsonville, OR, we can take care of it! From the moment of the initial roof inspection, to project clean up, our team strives to exceed expectations. Clear Vision Construction is the best option for residential roofing in Wilsonville, OR.

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GAF Advanced Protection Shingles for Ultimate Performance for Your Residential Roofing In Wilsonville, OR

With a GAF Advanced Protection Shingle roof from our company, your roofing in Wilsonville will have the best roofing system modern technology can deliver. The shingles we install are all top of the line so that your home and family can remain safe. Our shingles can also improve the aesthetics of your home. Advanced Protection shingles pass 185 separate tests to prove:


Getting Ready for a Roof Replacement

At Clear Vision Construction, our roofing contractors in Wilsonville, OR pride themselves on their professionalism and efficiency, regardless of what roofing work your home or business requires. However, there are several steps you can take to make a roof replacement easier. Here are a few:

Remove All Décor

There may be  vibrations during a roof replacement project. These are usually caused by hammering and can affect the walls of the home, particularly those on the top floor. Protect your valuables by removing them before our team arrives. This includes paintings, mirrors, framed pictures, and other objects.

Get Your Vehicle to A Safe Location

Allowing our team free access to your driveway will allow work to progress more smoothly. Prevent damage to your vehicles by parking them away from the home while the project is ongoing. Think twice before storing a vehicle in your garage, because you may not be able to pull out if equipment is in the driveway.

Think About Kids and Pets

Although roofing projects tend to last only a few days, it may be overwhelming for young kids and pets who occupy the home. Make alternate plans for them during the time of a project.

Clear Out Your Yard

Before our team arrives, remove all patio furniture, grills, toys, lawn ornaments, or potted plants. If you are unable to store them indoors, relocate them away from the work zone and cover them safely. 

Trim All Trees

Gardening before we begin the roofing project may seem counterintuitive. However, it is important for our roofing contractors to have unobstructed access to the roof. Trim all branches near the roof and also mow the grass. This will allow for a more efficient cleanup since any debris or nails will be easier to spot.

Secure the Windows

Vibrations from the project may cause debris to slide off the roof. Protect your windows from any scratches or damage by securing them with boards during the project.

Protect Any Belongings in Your Attic

Expect dust and debris to fall on items stored in your attic if you are having a roof replacement. If you store valuable items, antiques, or memorabilia in an attic, consider bringing them to the lower floors or placing a tarp to cover them.

Identify Power Outlets

It is essential for workers to have access to power outlets throughout the entirety of a roof replacement. It is preferable to use those you have outside the home. However, if there are none available outside, the next best location is inside your garage.

If workers are required to use outlets located in the garage, keep power outlets accessible. You may also want to obtain an extension cord. If the cord is required to run through a door or window, always keep safety in mind, so nobody stumbles or trips. It may need to be secured to prevent an unwanted accident.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Notify your neighbors about your upcoming roof replacement, so they can also prepare. Even if no action is required by them, they will appreciate the courtesy.

Ask All Questions

At Clear Vision Construction we understand  every roof replacement project is different because every home is unique in its design. We also understand this may be your first experience with a roof replacement. You may have some specific questions. We want you to feel  comfortable and reassured throughout the process. We welcome any questions you may have before the project begins.


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