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If You Need A New Roof, Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Gutter Installation, Window Installation, Siding Installation, Commercial Roofing Contractor or Anything In Between, We’ll Take Care of It! From the moment we perform our first roof inspection and estimate to when we are cleaning up the project space once your new roof has been installed, repaired, or replaced, our team always strives to exceed your expectations. When it comes to exterior home services, our team is your best option.

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The Most Popular Shingle Roof Systems in America

Clear Vision Construction is the preferred roofing services provider in Marylhurst, OR. We offer a wide array of roofing systems for your home, including many GAF products.  Our team is also certified to install all of them for you. Some our most popular GAF products include:

Timberline Lifetime Shingles – Timberline Shingles with Advanced Protection Technology are the best-selling shingles in North America. These are available in a wide array of thicknesses, colors, and levels of protection.

Designer Lifetime Shingles – The Designer shingles collection simulates the look of wood shakes or slate, without the maintenance or premium cost. They come complete with GAF Advanced Protection Technology for superior performance.

Regardless of the type of shingle roof you choose, our roofing contractor in Marylhurst, OR will be there to install it for you. This includes all flashing, ventilation, and gutters, providing your home with the protection it requires.

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GAF Advanced Protection Shingles for Ultimate Performance

With a GAF Advanced Protection Shingle roof from Clear Vision Construction, your home will be protected by the best roofing system available. The shingles we install are high quality, so your home and family can remain safe. Advanced Protection shingles pass 185 separate tests to prove:

Most Common Roofing Issues

We understand the importance of a roof and its susceptibility to damage. When you identify an issue with your roof, it is important to contact our roofing contractor in Marylhurst, OR. Some problems may require a repair, while others may require a full roof replacement.

Here are some of the most common roof problems:


Leaking from the roof is quite common and can occur for many different reasons. A leak that remains undetected for an extended period of time may result in expensive structural problems and other damages. Water tends to enter the home around chimneys, flashings, gutters, valleys,  vents, and skylights. If you suspect a leak, contact us right away.

Standing Water

If water is allowed to stand on your roof, moisture may cause mold, mildew, algae, or rot. Allowing moisture to remain undrained on a roof can cause your home’s support system to weaken. This weakening often threatens the property’s overall stability.

Clogged Gutters

The longer a gutter remains clogged, the chances of damage to your roof is increased. When water is backlogged into your roof it can result in leaks into the home, and rot at the edges of the entire roof. This damage often requires expensive repairs. Be sure to include gutter cleaning as a regular part of your home’s maintenance routine.

Damage After a Storm

When homes experience a severe weather event, roofs are likely to be damaged. Some of this damage may be easy to identify, but others may require the presence of a professional roofer to detect. Make sure to have us visit your property after a heavy storm.

Tree Branches

Tree branches that overhang or continuously scrape the surface of your roof can cause damage. Always keep trees and shrubbery away from your roof to avoid preventable roofing issues.

Problems With Pests

Pests often make their nests within chimneys, creating dangerous situations. An obstructed chimney can make it difficult for dangerous chemicals to leave your home. Carbon monoxide and smoke filling the inside of your home due to a blocked chimney creates severe health risks.

Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles are easy to spot and signal a roofing issue. There are many reasons why shingles become damaged. This includes heavy storms, debris, exposure to the elements, and the passage of time. When shingles break, fall off, or crack, they make your entire roof more susceptible to damage. This damage can continue into other areas of the home.

Lack of Maintenance

It is often stated that a roof should last approximately 20 years after an installation. However, this does not mean the roof should be left unmaintained for the duration of its lifetime. For a roof to last, it requires periodic maintenance. You can schedule a yearly maintenance visit from our team.

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From our first visit to your property, to our last, Clear Vision Construction always strives to exceed your expectations. When it comes to exterior home services, our team is your best option for residential roofing in Marylhurst, OR. 

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