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If You Need A New Roof, Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Gutter Installation, Window Installation, Siding Installation, Commercial Roofing Contractor or Anything In Between, We’ll Take Care of It! From the moment we perform our first roof inspection and estimate to when we are cleaning up the project space once your new roof has been installed, repaired, or replaced, our team always strives to exceed your expectations. When it comes to exterior home services, our team is your best option.


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Clear Vision Construction, LLC is a professional roofing contractor in Hillsboro, OR with years of experience in the roofing business. We provide reliable roofing services to homeowners and strive to ensure they have a safe, healthy, and solid roof over their heads to brave the Oregon weather. Contact us for roof repair or roof replacement for residential properties.

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Most Common Roofing Problems

Some roofing issues can go undetected; before you know it, they have become severe enough to demand expensive repairs or even a roof replacement. However, if you conduct a roof inspection yourself, you can detect these minor issues and call just in time. Here are some of the most common roofing problems to look out for. Call CVC for roof repairs.

Roof leak

Any home that is located in a place that receives regular rainfall is susceptible to roof leaks. The leaks often happen because of broken asphalt shingles, but there are many other reasons why the leaks could develop.

Some of the popular hotspots of leaks are around the gutters, near the chimney, at the flashing points, or near pipes and vents. You can detect leaks by inspecting your attic. Look for any visible water stain, black mark, or mold growth. If you notice anything out of place, call for roof repair. CVC are certified installers.

Missing or damaged shingles

Shingles are what make your roof and keep it intact. Missing, cracked, curled, or broken shingles can damage your entire roof. They should never be ignored. Often, the shingles could become loose or break off completely. This can happen because of wear and tear or weather damage. This isn't a severe issue, provided only a few shingles have been damaged.

If there are way too many to count, then you'd have to get your roof replaced. It's best to consult a residential roofing company to know what's best. Call CVC for shingle roof repair or a new roof replacement.

Clogged downspouts because of granules

Fallen granules can clog your downspout, paving the way for other roofing problems. The issue occurs because of weak shingles and may warrant a roof replacement. When granules fall off, your roof gets exposed to harmful UV rays. This can even prompt the shingles to crack. Too many cracked shingles, and you would need an entirely new roof.

Call Hillsboro roofing contractors if you detect clogged gutters around your home. CVC provides Hillsboro roofing services, such as gutter installation and other gutter services. Your search for the best Hillsboro roofers ends here. Call us for roof repairs or roof replacement.

Pooling water

Clogged gutters and collected debris can accumulate moisture. Moisture damages roofs, as stagnant water is the birthplace of mold and mildew. Mold can be dangerous for a roof, as its damaging effects could be rippled to other parts of your house and even tamper with your family's health.

Damaged roofing materials

Your roof is made up of several materials, including shingles, nails, tiles, and sealants, among other things. These materials could get damaged over time, either because of the weather or age. If there are holes in the materials, moisture could seep into the roof and damage the roof from the inside.

The flashing could also be pulled apart because the roofing material cracks or deterioration. This issue should not be overlooked, as it can quickly become worse. It's essential to call a professional roofing team.

How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

Choosing a roofer for your next roof project is easier said than done. You want to get your money's worth, but not every roofer out there can give you that. This is where you'd have to roll up your sleeves and research the best roofing contractors in your city. Here are some roofing company tips to help you get started.

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Extensive experience

Ensure that the roofer you are associating with has extensive experience in the kind of work you are looking to get done. If you are looking for asphalt roofing services or gutter services, make sure that the contractor has experience in that and has references to show for it.


Speak to past clients and see what they say about their services. Ask questions about what they liked, what they didn't like, or if they had any complaints. This could help you narrow your choices or select "the one.”


Roofing companies require special licenses to operate in the city. Make sure that the company has the license to operate in your region. Steer clear of companies that refuse to give evidence of this.

Why Choose Clear Vision Construction, LLC For Roofing Hillsboro, OR

Clear Vision Construction, LLC provides several asphalt roofing services in Hillsboro, OR, including roof maintenance, roof repair, roof replacement, new roof installation, and installation of siding, windows, doors, and gutters. We have been in business for years and have several testimonials to prove our credibility in the market.

One of the top reasons our clients trust us is that we hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. For the best roof repair services, we are the company to hire. Contact us now for roof replacements or repairs. You can also call for regular roof maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace your roof?

For the best performance, you can expect to replace the roof after every 15 to 30 years, depending upon the kind of roof you have. Different materials have different lifespans.

The climatic condition, the location of your home, the maintenance level, etc., also factors into how long your roof would last before having to be replaced. But if you see clear signs of extensive damage, or if your repair bills are way too long, you can also consider getting the roof replaced ahead of time.

What is the most economical roofing material?

Asphalt roofing is the most cost-effective yet durable roofing material out there. They are perfect for homes in Oregon.

With asphalt roofing, you won't have to worry about expensive roof repairs, roof replacement, or maintenance. Their initial cost, as well as the maintenance cost, is quite affordable as compared to some of the other options in Oregon. So if you are confused about which material to choose, this is an excellent option.

CVC provides quality roof services to residential clients in Hillsboro, OR. Call us now if you're looking for an experienced roofing contractor for roof repair.


Joe C.
Wilsonville, OR

Right from the start they listened and provide what I requested. Every company I requested a quote from tried the HARD CLOSE. Clear Vision simply took measurements and gave me the quote. Their quote was not the lowest, but the value for the money was awesome. The project was completed quickly and professionally. I am completely amazed at the service provided by Clear Vision.

Ellilea Crumal
Google Reviewer

Bottom line: would I hire them again? Absolutely! The person that gave us the estimate responded to any questions that I had very quickly. When the supplies were delivered by the supplier, that area of the roof started to leak again and Clear Vision had two guys at my house on a Sunday in about an hour! The price was good, the people were great, the job was done quickly and done well!

Evan Youman
Google Reviewer

Clear Vision did a great job on my roof. They were attentive and responsive to all inquiries. My initial contact arrived, for the free estimate on time, explained the process and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The job was done cleanly and professionally. I have recommended this company to people I know personally.

John and Lisa Jester
Google Reviewer

Excellent service from start to finish. Lee, Eric and the staff we worked with were totally on their game. Eric was great to work with on the job and gave a through break down of what we needed. We will recommend Clear Vision to family and friends and they will be the first on the list to call in the future if needs arise.

Kathleen A.

The bid was fair and the assessment process won my confidence. I felt that if they discovered needed fixes once the roof was off they would be honest about what needed to be done and be able to get it done properly. They work with top of the line products. The service was great and communication excellent. Thanks Clear Vision!

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