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A leaky roof can lead to more significant problems if left unattended. Don't let a roof leak compromise the safety and comfort of your home. At Clear Vision Construction, we are your trusted experts for residential roof leak repair in Portland. Our skilled team is ready to provide swift and effective solutions to stop roof leaks and prevent future issues.

Join the ranks of more than 4,000 satisfied homeowners who rely on us every day for their roofing requirements. Get in touch with Clear Vision Construction LLC today. Call us at (503) 313-2850 or use our online form to get a free consultation.

Photo of a Roof with Leaks

Signs of a Portland Roof Leak: How to Spot Water Intrusion Early?

Detecting a leaking roof in its early stages is important to prevent extensive damage to your home. These are some signs that indicate you need roof repair in Portland:

  • Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls
  • Dripping Water
  • Bubbling Paint or Peeling Wallpaper
  • Visible Mold or Mildew
  • Musty Odor
  • Warped or Sagging Ceilings
  • Water in the Attic
  • Visible Roof Damage
  • Excessive Moss or Algae Growth
  • Unexplained Increase in Utility Bills

You should address roof leaks as soon as you suspect one, as delaying repairs can lead to more extensive and costly damage. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact Clear Vision Construction to assess the situation and provide the necessary repairs.

Causes of Leaky Roofs in Portland

Leaky residential roofs in Portland can be attributed to a combination of factors, often exacerbated by the Pacific Northwest's unique climate. These are a few common causes of roofing leaks in Portland:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Substandard Dry Rot Repair
  • Flashing Issues
  • Poor Roof Installation
  • Age of Roofing Materials
  • Maintenance Neglect

Get in touch with Clear Vision Construction if you want your roof fixed by a dependable roofing company in Portland. We can identify the root cause and fix it before it becomes a major and costly issue. If necessary, we can break and tear down existing shingles to facilitate a seamless transition to a new, durable roof. We can do this without any damage to your chimney, skylights, and other fixtures.

Clear Vision Construction - Setting the Standard for Roof Leak Repair

Clear Vision Construction is a locally owned and operated roofing business. We understand the unique challenges that roofs face in the Pacific Northwest and are well-versed in dealing with severe weather and unexpected storms. Our solutions adhere to the specific needs of the region.

As leading roofers in Portland, Oregon, we do not believe in temporary patch work. Our team works quickly and efficiently to properly protect your home and the family that lives within it from the outdoor elements. You can count on us to provide you with a straightforward, transparent, and fair quote for all residential Portland roofing services. If your roof is leaking, you should get in touch with us for top-quality service at a fair and reasonable price. We go beyond the immediate fix to provide permanent repair solutions that keep your roof watertight.

Roof Repair or Replacement: How to Make the Right Decision for Your Home?

Roof Age

If your roof is relatively new and the issues are isolated, repairs may suffice. However, if your asphalt roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan or showing signs of deterioration, or if your wood shingles are brittle, a roof replacement might be more cost-effective.

Extent of Damage

Assess the extent of damage to your roof. If the damage is limited to a few shingles or a small area, repairs can be a suitable solution. If the damage is widespread, with multiple leaks or structural issues, then replacement is the better choice.


A roof repair is generally more cost-effective than a full replacement. If completed properly, repairs can address immediate issues before they become expensive problems. Home insurance will often cover the cost of storm-related damage from events such as fires, lightning, wind, hail, and fallen trees or tree limbs. Estimates from Clear Vision Construction include all labor, materials, and disposal within the quoted price.

Long-Term Goals

Whether you intend on selling your house soon or staying within the home for years to come, investing in a roof replacement can provide long-term benefits and peace of mind. As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, Clear Vision Construction is one of only 2% of roofing contractors in North America that can offer GAF's Golden Pledge Warranty: a 50-year warranty covering replacement materials, installation labor, tear off, and disposal. On top of GAF's Golden Pledge Warranty, Clear Vision Construction offers its own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all full roof replacements.

Photo of Gray Roof

Energy Efficiency

Newer roofing materials often have improved energy efficiency features. If you are concerned about energy costs, a roof replacement with more energy-efficient materials can lead to savings over time.

Multiple Repairs

If you find yourself frequently needing roof repairs, it might be a sign that the roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. In such cases, replacement can be a more cost-effective solution in the long term. Call us today to see how we can assist you with your residential roofing project.

Roofing Material

The type of roofing material also affects the decision. Some materials, like asphalt shingles, are more amenable to repairs, while others, like metal or slate, may require replacement if damaged.

Future Resale Value

A new roof can significantly increase the resale value of your home, especially if the new roof comes with a transferable Golden Pledge Warranty from GAF. If you are planning to sell, investing in a replacement can be a wise financial decision.

Call Us to Enhance Your Roof's Lifespan and Efficiency

A professional roofing contractor from Clear Vision Construction in Portland can assess the condition of your roof and provide expert guidance to fix the present issue and prevent future leaks. We can help you decide whether you need to repair your leaky roof, complete roof replacement, or other roofing service is the right choice for your home. Call (503) 313-2850 or write to us online.


Joe C.
Wilsonville, OR

Right from the start they listened and provide what I requested. Every company I requested a quote from tried the HARD CLOSE. Clear Vision simply took measurements and gave me the quote. Their quote was not the lowest, but the value for the money was awesome. The project was completed quickly and professionally. I am completely amazed at the service provided by Clear Vision.

Ellilea Crumal
Google Reviewer

Bottom line: would I hire them again? Absolutely! The person that gave us the estimate responded to any questions that I had very quickly. When the supplies were delivered by the supplier, that area of the roof started to leak again and Clear Vision had two guys at my house on a Sunday in about an hour! The price was good, the people were great, the job was done quickly and done well!

Evan Youman
Google Reviewer

Clear Vision did a great job on my roof. They were attentive and responsive to all inquiries. My initial contact arrived, for the free estimate on time, explained the process and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The job was done cleanly and professionally. I have recommended this company to people I know personally.

John and Lisa Jester
Google Reviewer

Excellent service from start to finish. Lee, Eric and the staff we worked with were totally on their game. Eric was great to work with on the job and gave a through break down of what we needed. We will recommend Clear Vision to family and friends and they will be the first on the list to call in the future if needs arise.

Kathleen A.

The bid was fair and the assessment process won my confidence. I felt that if they discovered needed fixes once the roof was off they would be honest about what needed to be done and be able to get it done properly. They work with top of the line products. The service was great and communication excellent. Thanks Clear Vision!