When to Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Roof Repair Beaverton When the roof over your family’s head is in question, you should never postpone scheduling a roof inspection with Clear Vision Construction. Our knowledgeable roofing contractors will come to your home to inspect your roof when it is convenient for you. Discover how often you should be scheduling a roof inspection for your home below.

After Severe Storm

Whenever a severe storm hits our area, it can cause damage to your roof that an untrained eye wouldn’t notice when looking at the roof. Sometimes it takes walking around on the roof inspecting the shingles and other parts of the roof to determine if there are any concerns. Standing on the ground looking for problems with your roof is not ideal because you will not be able to see the roof up close.

Every Couple of Years

When you have a new roof installation, you might be thinking that you do not need to have it inspected for a while. However, we recommend that you have a roof inspection every couple of years to ensure nothing is wrong with your roof. Regardless of the age of your roof, you should still have regular estimates.

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