Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage Repair to a Roof?

After a major storm, you could suffer extensive roof storm damage. Recent hail storms that affected Portland, Beaverton, and other parts of Oregon have left homeowners wondering if their homeowners’ insurance company will cover this storm damage.

At Clear Vision Construction, LLC, we understand how frustrating roof damage from a storm can be. After you call your insurance company to begin the claims process, you will need a professional for roof repairs or roof replacement.

As one of the top 2% of roofing companies in North America that has earned the prestigious honor of the GAF Master Elite Badge, we will be there for you during this stressful time. In this informative article, we discuss what to do if you have storm damage and what to know about the role of insurance companies in this process.

What to Do If Your Home Has Roof Damage from Recent Storms

Storm damage may be obvious. Strong winds may have caused a large tree or branch to penetrate your roof. In other cases, it may not be as noticeable. You might not know what to look for or be unable to spot it from the ground.

Safety is imperative when you determine the damage caused to your roof. For these reasons, it is always best to rely on a professional roofing contractor to assess the damage.

If you can see the visible signs of damage on your home’s exterior or you have water damage on the interior of your property, call your homeowners’ insurance company to let them know. They will send an adjuster out to investigate your insurance claim or have you contact a roofing contractor first to assess the damage and make temporary repairs to prevent further damage.

A Roofer Lays Shingles

Know the Signs of Storm Damage Before Contacting Your Insurance Company

Storm damage, wind damage, and hail can leave you needing emergency services for your roofing project. You will want to take action quickly—even minor damage can lead to mold growth in and around your home and siding.

Some good clues you may be able to spot from the ground are dents in the gutters. You may also see missing shingles or notice granules from your shingles in your gutter system when you have storm damage. Cracks on the roof of your house or the siding are also clues, and they need to be fixed quickly before standing water or snow leads to more damage. At this time of year, it’s easy for an ice dam to form that can continue the water damage to your roof.

The Homeowners’ Insurance Claims Process

Unfortunately, when you file a claim for storm damage with your insurance, it may take a while to get repairs approved. Many other homeowners in Portland, Beaverton, and Vancouver have experienced storm damage from high winds, wind-driven rain, debris, and hail

For these reasons, you must understand the process to resolve the matter and have roof restoration completed to repair your home. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of your situation by recommending an unscrupulous roofing company for the inspection and repair. Contact Clear Vision Construction today for an honest assessment of the storm damage. If you have storm damage, here is what you should know.

Look for Roof Damage

After a storm in your area, take a look at your home and see if you notice any damage to the structure from the ground. You may spot shingles that are missing, holes, tears, or even leaks in your home.

Document Your Findings

Write down what you find and take photos and videos to show your insurance company.

Notify Your Insurer

After documenting the damage, contact your insurer. You’ll want to show them the evidence of damage to get your claim moving quickly.

Contact a Reliable Roofing Business 

When your roof suffers storm damage, it’s easy to worry about how to protect your family and your belongings. You may also worry that the damage has compromised the roof’s integrity. While storm damage takes many different shapes, an experienced roofing company can help.

Choosing a reputable company that repairs roofs is as easy as checking licenses, insurance, and their longevity in the area. Even though claims are backed up by this recent storm, only a local roofer will be the right choice for this type of restoration. Beware of companies that offer the cheapest costs or who try to push you into signing a contract.

Sign Your Claim After Repair Is Approved

During the process for claims, protect yourself and your property by ensuring you are covered for these repairs. A qualified roofing business will never use scare tactics to force you to sign a contract. Look for a roofing company that helps you understand the insurance process and will work with you to make it all happen.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you have a small amount of storm damage or major damage to your roof. You will have to pay for the full cost of the repairs if your insurance company doesn’t approve your claim. If they refuse to cover your storm damage, you may need to file an appeal—something our company is happy to help homeowners with by submitting the required information to the insurer for your best chance at approval.

After the wind has blown your shingles away or dropped a tree on your home, you may feel an urgent need to get your roof repaired. Choosing a roofing company that will walk you through the insurance process and help you during this difficult time is essential.

Clear Vision Construction, LLC, is here for you in Portland, Beaverton, and the surrounding areas of Oregon. Contact us today to discuss repairs after the storm.

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