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Lake Oswego County Club – Shingle and Flat Roofing | Clear Vision Construction

This is a section of the Lake Oswego County Club that we just finished. It is a shingle roof as well as a flat torch down section. The roof has stealth soffit intake and a ridge vent system. We are very happy with the results of the work. The guys took their time and you can tell. If Lake Oswego County Club can trust us with their roof, so should you! CALL US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 503-313-2850

this is from the ground.

shingle roof

This is a closer shot of the roof

This is looking up at the roof

flat roof

This is another shot of the flat section

metal valley

This is a Valley with W Valley metal

shingle roof ridge dormers

This shows the ridge and dormers

top flat roof

This is looking down on the flat section

ridge cap, ridge shingle

This is another shot of the ridge

this is another shot of the ac unit

roof drain

This is a drain on the roof. They did a great job on this drain

ac unit

This is an AC unit. you can see how it ties into the roofing

torch down valley shingles

This is the torch decking that ties into the shingles

Ridge, Shingle, Ridge vent

This is a great shot of the Ridge.

Re-Roofing Project in NE Portland – Day 4 – Shingle Install Progress

These are a couple pictures of Day 4 of a job that we are doing in NE Portland. They have got all of the Tiger Paw installed and the Shingles are well underway.This job has been a very typical job for the Portland, Oregon Area. We take pride in our work and you can see it in the finished product! Please call us today for a free estimate CALL NOW 503-506-0044

portland roofing Clear Vision Construction

Day 4 roof work is progressing

Portland Clear Vision Construction

Day 4 shingle install

NE Portland Roof Work Shingle

Day 4 roof work Shingles are getting installed